About Us


The Dance Academy, Ltd. is dedicated to the individual development of each student in dance. All students are trained in a professional manner. Regardless of a parent’s initial intention for enrollment, proper training at any age is important. Whether the student takes dance for exercise and enjoyment, to gain a competitive edge, or makes dance their career, it is considered an asset today for students to receive such training.

The Dance Academy, Ltd. first opened its doors in 1984 under the direction and guidance of its director and owner, Tanis Bean. While the studio has grown significantly, the quality of instruction and the individualized attention each student receives remain her top priority. Maintaining her high standards and dedication to her clients continues to be the focal point of her business.
Students of The Dance Academy, Ltd. are well trained in mind and body. Students learn discipline, responsibility and respect for themselves and others, as well as the art form. The Dance Academy, Ltd. teaches lifelong virtues that extend beyond the dance studio and benefit students in all endeavors they choose to pursue.