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September 14 - January 30


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February 1 - June 5 


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You have certain expectations when you choose a dance studio

for your child’s dance education.

Our goal is to exceed them!
Come and see why we are so highly recommended.

Our beautiful Dance Studio is located in the heart of Elm Grove.

We are detail oriented with great customer service.

We have convenient same day classes so that your child can enjoy other activities too.

Our classes are limited in size so that each student receives individualized attention.

Students receive excellent training from the very beginning

in a disciplined, but fun environment.

Dance instructors at The Dance Academy, Ltd. provide a professional atmosphere

with age appropriate music, choreography and costumes.

All students (not just the very best dancers) have the opportunity to compete,

perform and further their dance education.

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The most important thing

is to love what you are learning...

make it a part of you life forever

and share your gift with others...

- Tanis Bean